Winter 2020 Newsletter - Quest 126 

We are pleased to bring you the Winter 2020 newsletter, Quest 126

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In this issue:

Changing the Approach to ME and FM

Why change is needed now

Redesigning Health Care    

Growing Health Research    

Ensuring Disability Supports

Pacing and Management Guide for ME/CFS (by #MEAction)    

Post-Covid study funded    

Chronic Pain and Opioids

Dr Houghton wins Nobel Prize

Proposed British guidelines reject useless chronic fatigue syndrome treatments

You Don’t Have to Do It All This 2020 Holiday Season    

Innovative clinical diagnostic test to diagnose myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)    

Un test diagnostique clinique innovant pour diagnostiquer l’encéphalomyélite myalgique (EM)

Workshop on Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19


Fall 2020 – No. 125 

In this Issue:


CCHS 2019 data on CFS and FM

Information for People Struggling toRecover from COVID-19 5

ME/FM Research Update

Pointers from your colleagues

Speech From the Throne 


Special Issue 2020 – No. 124 

Quest 124 - COVID Disability Payment

The Parliament of Canada announced a one-time payment to persons with disabilities. In this special edition of our Quest newsletter, we provide details of the program and how to apply.

In this issue:

  • COVID - Disability Payment

  • Email From Carla Qualtrough

  • Disability Tax Credit Basics

  • Applying for the DTC with ME/FM

  • Additional Announcements

  • Government Acknowledges Problems

  • Your Opportunity to Provide Feedback

  • How to Apply for the DTC


Summer 2020 – No. 123 

  • ME/FM and Covid-19

  • Letter to the Prime Minister

  • Feedback from the Community

  • What Next?

  • PME/FM-Covid Infosheets from the Bateman Horne Center

  • Update from ICanCME Research Network

  • Working for you 

  • Other news in brief

Spring 2020 - No. 122

• Raising Awareness From Home

• Federal Government Priorities

• ME in the Education System

• CPP-D Guide 2020 Edition

• Closing the Health Care Gender Gap – ME and FM

• Doctor to Doctor

• Consultation on Chronic Pain

• Consultation sur la douleur

• Update from ICanCME Research Network: Let’s stop ME together

• Mise à jour de la part du Réseau canadien de recherche concertée interdisciplinaire sur l’EM : « Arrête-MOI si tu peux »

FM - A Multi-System Illness