Information Meeting on ME/CFS


Information Meeting on ME/CFS in Winnipeg

On March 6 in Winnipeg, there will be a special showing of a new video on ME/CFS entitled "Mom Needs to Lie Down."  The video features interviews with two Manitoba women who have ME/CFS and with Dr. Eleanor Stein. The video will be followed by a panel discussion. Tickets for this event are $10.  

For a poster of the event click here:

The film-maker is Taylor Cole.  She writes:

I wanted to share the website/blog I've set up for my video. The email for my blog/video is: The website is

This week I will be pitching to the local media outlets about my video screening and will urge them to help raise awareness for ME/CFS in Manitoba.

I am passionate about raising awareness and lowering the stigma surrounding ME/CFS. I hope this video can help Manitobans (and Canadians) who may be suffering from ME/CFS.

Thank you for your help,

Taylor Cole