PHAC has created 3 data cubes, one for CFS, one for FM and one for MCS. The data cubes allow users to generate their own tables from the 2010 Canadian Community Health Survey.

To access the data cubes, it is best to use Windows Internet Explorer.

Here are the links to the English versions of the FM, CFS and MCS data cubes on the public server. They were built from the CCHS 2010 master file.  Users should follow the notes for release of the data at the top of the data cubes (in red lettering).   Training information on how to use the data cubes is located under the "Introduction" tab.

On a technical note, the FM cube includes people who answered “yes” or “no” to the question whether they had FM as diagnosed by a health professional. It does not include the records coded “don't know”, “refusal” or “not stated”. The number of people with FM would agree with numbers that have been provided in analysis done by the Network. However, the rest of the population will be slightly lower on the data cube because the Network included the records coded “don't know”, “refusal” or “not stated” with the records coded “no”. The same holds true for the CFS and MCS cubes. Because less than 1% of the records were coded “don't know”, “refusal”, or “not stated”, any discrepancies should be very minor.