Announcing Grey Matters Duo Song


The National ME/FM Action Network is proud to announce the release of Grey Matters Duo Songs which was co-wrote and arranged by one of past volunteers Linda MacDonald (ME/CFS patient) on a site called Vibedeck.

The following notes from Linda:

The songs are now for sale or you can listen for free on Vibedeck. The demo list will be added to in the months to come, and the demos are “fans set the price”. There will be dozens of additional demos posted in the year to come, so be sure to check the site in the future.

Please visit

Hello friends and musical supporters

I have an announcement for my online EP release entitled People Can’t Help It:

I have posted a collection of 5 professionally recorded songs which I co-wrote and arranged, on a site called Vibedeck. 



Grey Matters is the song writing duo I am in with Bruce Matichuk of Edmonton . We co-wrote these songs, and he plays and sings on two of them. It’s been a great collaboration and a lot of fun creating songs like these together since 2003.


Get ‘em while they’re hot

Unfortunately there is no plan for additional professionally-recorded (CD-quality) songs due to the cost, the logistical difficulties (I am housebound and remain very ill due to prolonged severe ME/CFS) and the strain on my health of “what it takes”. So I hope you enjoy this rare presentation of our music to the public!



A special dedication, for the ME/CFS patients out there:

I am the primary lyricist of our duo. May this music and the words I wrote bring hope to sufferers of ME/CFS (aka myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome). You are a valuable human being just as you are, even if you are bedridden or so ill you can’t move, concentrate or function with any semblance of normalcy. You are not alone, and these songs are for you. Often I wrote the lyrics one word or line at a time, due to illness! Never give up hope, keep reaching for the light!


Help - I Can’t Do Social Media

Please pass on this link and support our music/ these recordings. There is no way I can do social media promotion with my health this poor, so if you like the music and want to help me share it, put the link on your social media pages.


Thank you

… to those who stepped in and helped me by funding the recordings – Paul and Anke Eastwood , Vaughn Edwards (donated professional time), Ingelore Kahrens, Hannah Noerenberg and Martin Thielmann, Brian, Jamie, Marie and Lloyd MacDonald – you are also named and heartily thanked on the site! Without you the recordings would not have been possible. Your generosity and kind support saw me through.


On a professional level, thanks especially to Jonathan Edwards of Corvidae Studios ( Ottawa ) for his mega-talents, time and generosity. Here’s an egregious pump for his studio and services!