CEO's Thank You - Conference


Thank You, from Lydia Neilson

September 26, 2011

Dear Friends: 

It is the day after the international IACFS/ME research and clinical conference that the National ME/FM Action Network had the pleasure of hosting. 

I first of all, want to thank Dr. Fred Friedberg, President of the IACFS/ME with whom I have worked and collaborated with for over a year.  It was a pleasure to get to know such a humble and compassionate person whose only aim was to get a better quality of life for people who are ill with ME/CFS and FM and related illnesses.  His genuineness and skills have made this Conference the best ever and ran smoothly due to him and his team. 

I also want to thank our President, Margaret Parlor, who used her skills to get the latest statistical figures for 2010 for ME/CFS, FM and MCS and then was a great ambassador at this Conference.  Her Networking has made us new and important contacts that will assist us to continue our work for awareness, support and research which will be of valuable help to the ME/CFS and FM community. 

Thank you go to our Directors well enough to come and assist at the conference: Judith Day of New Brunswick and Director of the Atlantic Provinces, Sherri Todd, Director for British Columbia, and Lynda Cregan, our Vice-President, all of whom made my task easier to man our table as well as network with the attendants. 

Although not able to come to our conference, Joyce George, Director for Saskatchewan and Dr. Philipa Corning, Director residing in New Brunswick, they nevertheless play a huge role year round in making our organization effective in its dealings with the medical, legal and patient communities.

Our Network Liaison team: Anne Marie MacIsaac, Alison Rae, Charlotte Birman, John Wodak all were great ambassadors at the conference and played a huge role in promoting our Network and were everywhere performing whatever function was needed.

To the IACFS/ME team, the lecturers and attendees, thank you for your support.  To all those who supported us whether able to attend the conference or participated in other ways before the conference, a grateful thanks from the National ME/FM Action Network.  There is no doubt that without your participation this conference could not have materialized.

There were some special people who worked tirelessly raising awareness and funds and at the risk of not naming them, prefer to omit their names.

Thank you all.


Lydia E. Neilson, MSM
Founding and Chief Executive Officer