Special Articles - Lydia's Insight


One day while trying to balance my account and entering my deposits and expenses, it occurred to me that life is also like a balance sheet of profits and losses. Life is not that much different from assets and liabilities.

There are profits and losses in life and some of them are actually in our control. Unfortunately, not all off them. I looked at what energy I was spending on matters that could have been handled differently so that I could concentrate on living rather than on getting to it. Once I did that, I found it easier to focus on what I wanted to accomplish, what was important in my life, what wasn’t necessary and what I wanted to do without. Profits and losses.

There are many things and people in life that drain your energy and leave you with a bad or frustrating feeling. Where you say to yourself, now why did I do that or why did I meet with that person. We politely smile and try to be interested while at the same time you’re wondering if that person ever has anything positive to say. He or she may just contact you to complain or help them with their problems but are never there when you need them or want to talk. That drains your energy and leaves you stressed.

I was facing that frustration and decided to streamline my life just as I would do if I were trying to cut corners in order to tone down my expenses. I started looking at who I wanted in my life and by getting rid of those I didn’t. This gave me more quality time with those I wanted to associate with. No more dealing with those who were sapping my energy. I realized that some people live from chaos to chaos. No sooner do they get rid of one catastrophe, another one surfaces. You cannot help those who do not help themselves.

Lydia E. Neilson, MSM

Founder & CEO