ME Research Registry



The following is a message from Mike Lapenna, creator of the ME research registry.

Good day everyone.

About 18 months ago, I started a registry of ME/CFS research studies recruiting participants. It was the result of trying to figure how I could help my sister, who's had ME for over 20 years.

My goal is to help research studies find the patients they need to progress faster. I believe the day will come when large scale studies will be examining promising treatments and we'll need many participants.

This website is preparing for that day. I know it is a lot to ask ME sufferers to spend precious energy participating in a research study. Maybe some of us can find a way. I invite you to take a look and sign up if you feel it is worthy effort.

Have a restful day.

[For those of you familiar with my initiative, the website was previously at but because many members were not supportive of the term CFS, I converted to]. Everything else is the same and membership is growing!

Mike Lapenna

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