December/January 2001- No. 45

• National ME/FM Action Network announces announces dates for peer review of definitions

• British Columbia's Children's Hospital announces results of a randomized, double-blind study on melatonin in children with disabilities

• Synaptic Technology Study on Pain Control & Associated Conditions & FM/CFS Study

• Accurate Reporting a must in CPP Disability Applications

• Successful appeal of Minister of Human Resources Development of Canada decision on CPP Claim

• Ensuring Insurers Play Fair

• National ME/FM Action Network continues pressure on Colleges for IME doctor guidelines

• Ontario Government Launches 24 hour Hotline for Health Care in Toronto Area

February/March 2001 – No. 46

• National ME/FM Action Network Consensus Meeting a Resounding Success

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome versus Depression

• Myosymmetries publishes articles on New Concepts in Muscle Activity as a Source of Pain in Fibromyalgia

• New Medical Direction announced at Ontario Environmental Health Clinic

• Addition to National Doctors' Roster

• Authors make donation to National ME/FM Action Network

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Applying for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

April/May 2001 – No. 47

• Update on status of consensus documents

• Non-Paralytic Polio Survey

• Network's Youth Consultant requesting public input

• Ontario Environmental Health Clinic reports on year-long study

• The CPP and the Definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Addition to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Inter-group communications

• New Brunswick ME Association held walk to raise funds

• BC College of Physicians & Surgeons report to request for guidelines for IME doctors

• BC College replied to BC Coalition of People with Disabilities

• Health Centre has potential to earn millions on ME/CFS and FM IMEs

• Final Report on review of complaints and discipline process of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons

June/July 2001 – No. 48

• Update on the publishing of the Canadian Clinical Definitions

• Director of Education of the National ME/FM Action Netword honoured by Fibromyalgia Resource Group of Southern Alberta

• National ME/FM Action Network announces new sourcebook for teachers and parents of youth entitled TEACH-ME

• Annapolis Research Center announces effective treatment protocols for ME/CFS and FM

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Lawyer discusses the role of doctors in the disability process

• Inter-group communications

• Small business entrepreneurs difficulties with collecting long-term disability benefits

August/September 2001 – No. 49

• Update on the status of publishing the Canadian definitions in medical journal

• Blood-brain barrier & possible connection to ME/CFS

• Regulatory bodies expect medical reports to be fair

• Potential new treatment for severe pain associated with ME/CFS and FM

• Evaluating Disability – A Medical-Legal Dilemma

• Federal Court defines disability in Canada Pension Plan Legislation

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

October/November/December 2001 – No. 50

• Canadian ME/CFS clinical definition being peer-reviewed by medical journal for possible publication

• Researcher reports low blood volume in ME/CFS

• Harvard Medical School conducts Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Chronic Pain Program

• Fibromyalgia and Active Living

• The Role of Professional Associations & Unions in Assisting Disabled Members

• Reassessment of Disability Tax Credit Applications

• Summary Review of a CPP review Tribunal Decision

• National ME/FM Action Network writes Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons on IMEs

• Addition to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Inter-group communications

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