Fall 2023 Newsletter - Quest 139

We are pleased to bring you the Fall 2023 edition of our Quest newsletter.

Download the pdf HERE

In this issue:

The Canada Disability Benefit 


Time Frame   

Poverty Reduction Generally   

Measuring Poverty 

Poverty Targets   

Disability Poverty   

Disability Criteria   

Other Criteria   

Payment Amounts   

Administrative Issues   

The Extra Income   

Next Steps   

Letter to Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities    

Recent Changes to the Disability 

Tax Credit    


Summer 2023 Newsletter - Quest 138

We are pleased to bring you the Summer 2023 edition of our Quest newsletter.

Download the pdf HERE

In this issue:


Test Distinguishes ME and FM 

Covid and post-Covid

Research Road Maps

Canada Disability Benefit (Bill C-22)

Patient Experiences from The Mighty

Riding the Roller Coaster of Fluctuating Disability

7 Challenging Daily Decisions When You Live With Chronic Illness

17 Things I Don’t Admit on Bad Days With Chronic Fatigue

To Anyone Afraid to Get a Disabled Placard Because You’re Worried About Judgment


Spring 2023 Newsletter - Quest 137 

In this special 30th anniversary edition, we look back at the Network's

accomplishments over the past 30 years and reflect on the status of ME and FM

over that period.

See the pdf HERE

In this Issue: 

  • How the Network started

  • Some Network Milestones 

  • Context 

  • After Thoughts


Winter 2023 Newsletter - Quest 136 

We are pleased to bring you the Winter 2023 newsletter, Quest 136

View the pdf HERE

In this Issue: 

    • Including ME/FM in Federal Mandates for 2023/4

    • Introduction

    • Abbreviations used in this newsletter:

    • Health and Welfare History

    • Health Care

    • Disability

    • Measuring Disability in Canada

    • Disability Inclusion Action Plan Infographic

    • Correspondence

    • Letter to Canada’s Minister of Health

    • Letter to Canada’s Minister for Disability Inclusion

    • Letter to Ontario Health Minister

    • Email Correspondence with CIHR and Science Advisor re Long-Covid


FM - A Multi-System Illness