Summer 2022 Newsletter - Quest 133 

We are pleased to bring you the Summer 2022 newsletter, Quest 133

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In this Issue:

Dedication - Dr Lynn Marshall

Another Reflection on the Pandemic

CHRC Statement on MAiD

To Canada Revenue Agency

An Introduction to ME and FM For Employers

Loneliness, Isolation and ME/FM

Post-Exertional Malaise (PEM)

International Fibromyalgia Conference 2022

ME/FM International Awareness Day 2022 - Victoria, BC

Your Housing Experiences

Winter 2022 Newsletter - Quest 131 

We are pleased to bring you the Winter 2022 newsletter, Quest 131

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    • New Cabinet, New Mandates 2021 

    • New NICE Guidelines for ME 

    • Long-Covid 

      • Overlap with ME 

      • Disaster, Long Shadow, Catastrophe 

      • The “Missing Worker” Reality 

    • Action Needed for ME and FM 

      • Research 

      • Information and Awareness 

      • Health System Design 

      • Mental Health 

      • Opioids 

      • Disability Inclusion 

    • Responsibility for Action 

    • Emails to Ministers 

    • Disability Submission 2016


Spring 2022 Newsletter - Quest 132 

We are pleased to bring you the Spring 2022 newsletter, Quest 132

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Mental Health Impacts of Chronic Illness 

Feeling Overheated? 

Service Dogs 

ME/CFS Crash Survival Guide 

Conversations About Chronic Illness 

Reflections on the pandemic 

News Items 

Quebec Report on MCS 

Upcoming Ontario Election 

Upcoming Conferences 

ICanCME Research Network 

Functional Capacity Scale

FM - A Multi-System Illness