Fall 2022 Newsletter - Quest 134 

We are pleased to bring you the Fall 2022 newsletter, Quest 134

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In this Issue: 

  • IACFS/ME Conference 2022 

  • Conférence de l’IACFS/ ME- 2022 

  • Housing Issues of the ME/FM 

  • Community 

  • Pain and Opioids 

  • News Items 

    • Federal Dental Care Plan 

    • Disability Tax Credit changes 

    • Canada Pension Plan-Disability Letter 

    • News from the ME/FM Society of BC 

    • News from MEAO 

    • Webinar on EDS 

  • I’m a Doctor. Here Are 5 Lessons I Only Learned About Fibromyalgia Once I Developed it Myself.

Summer 2022 Newsletter - Quest 133 

We are pleased to bring you the Summer 2022 newsletter, Quest 133

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In this Issue:

Dedication - Dr Lynn Marshall

Another Reflection on the Pandemic

CHRC Statement on MAiD

To Canada Revenue Agency

An Introduction to ME and FM For Employers

Loneliness, Isolation and ME/FM

Post-Exertional Malaise (PEM)

International Fibromyalgia Conference 2022

ME/FM International Awareness Day 2022 - Victoria, BC

Your Housing Experiences


Spring 2022 Newsletter - Quest 132 

We are pleased to bring you the Spring 2022 newsletter, Quest 132

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Mental Health Impacts of Chronic Illness 

Feeling Overheated? 

Service Dogs 

ME/CFS Crash Survival Guide 

Conversations About Chronic Illness 

Reflections on the pandemic 

News Items 

Quebec Report on MCS 

Upcoming Ontario Election 

Upcoming Conferences 

ICanCME Research Network 

Functional Capacity Scale


Winter 2022 Newsletter - Quest 131 

We are pleased to bring you the Winter 2022 newsletter, Quest 131

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    • New Cabinet, New Mandates 2021 

    • New NICE Guidelines for ME 

    • Long-Covid 

      • Overlap with ME 

      • Disaster, Long Shadow, Catastrophe 

      • The “Missing Worker” Reality 

    • Action Needed for ME and FM 

      • Research 

      • Information and Awareness 

      • Health System Design 

      • Mental Health 

      • Opioids 

      • Disability Inclusion 

    • Responsibility for Action 

    • Emails to Ministers 

    • Disability Submission 2016


FM - A Multi-System Illness