Fall 2021 Newsletter - Quest 130 

We are pleased to bring you the Fall 2021 newsletter, Quest 129

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  • ME and FM - The International Situation

  •    Conferences

    •    Controversies in Fibromyalgia

    •    IACFS/ME Conference

  • Posters From the IACFS/ME Conference

    •    Course of Illness (Norway)

    •    Nutritional Issues 

    •    "VANE" (Australia)

    •    Other posters

  • Research From Montreal

  • ME and FM - What Exists vs What Should Be

    •    Growing Research

    •    Growing Healthcare Services

    •    Growing Support Services

    •    Moving Forward

Summer 2021 Newsletter - Quest 129 

We are pleased to bring you the Summer 2021 newsletter, Quest 129

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In this isssue:

  • Introduction

  • Updates

    • US developments

    • BC Developments

    • Ontario Developments

    • ICanCME Research Network

    • Federal Chronic Pain Task Force

    • Disability Advisory Committee

    • Disability Inclusion Action Plan

    • French Study on Pandemic Coping

  • ME/FM and Stigma - The Damage Done

  • The Disability Tax Credit, Your Doctor and You

  • ME/FM BC Study

  • Network Correspondence

    • Disability Inclusion Action Plan Survey

    • Moving Forward from the DAC Report

    • Disability Inclusion for Everyone


Spring 2021 Newsletter - Quest 128 

We are pleased to bring you the Spring 2021 newsletter, Quest 128

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In this isssue:

Focus on Fibromyalgia


FM and ME: Do they belong together?

2016 Revised Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

ME/CFS Diagnostic Criteria

FM info-sheet  - English 

FM info-sheet  - French

Moving FM forward

What we have done over the years

Other News

Upcoming Conferences

COVID Vaccines

CPP-D  Guide Update

Commonly Used Abbreviations

Living with Limited Energy

Winter 2021 Newsletter - Quest 127 

We are pleased to bring you the Winter 2021 newsletter, Quest 127

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In this isssue:

  • COVID-19 Vaccines

Should People With ME/CFS Get the COVID Vaccine? (AMMES)

Should I take the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available? (Dr Charles Lapp)

To vaccinate or not - with ME/CFS (Dr Nancy Klimas)

  • Prestige of Diseases and Disabilities


Gender (and prestige) disparities in NIH research funding

Looking back at the Royal Free Hospital experience

Disease Prestige    

Chronic disease / disability prestige


Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Care

  • ME/FM Resources 

  • Federal 2021 Pre-budget Consultations


FM - A Multi-System Illness