Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Developments


Dear Friends

On Wednesday June 27, a committee of the Canadian Senate released a report on the Disability Tax Credit and the Registered Disability Savings Plan. The report emphasized that Canada should be doing more to help disabled Canadians.


An article discussing the report can be found in Tuesday's Globe and Mail:


Yesterday, the National ME/FM Action Network sent emails to

the Senate Committee thanking them for their report

the Ministers of National Revenue; Finance; Family, Children and Social Development; and Disabilities emphasizing that the ME/FM community needs to be involved in the discussions around the report

the Disability Advisory Committee outlining ME/FM concerns around eligibility. This committee, which reports to the Minister of National Revenue, is expected to lead discussions going forward

In addition, the National ME/FM Action Network is a member of the Disability Tax Fairness Alliance, a non-governmental organization bringing together disability organizations interested in taxation issues.

We hope that this report leads to much needed changes. If you are in touch with federal officials, do let them know that this topic is important.