Canada Election 2015


Casting your ballot

You can cast your ballot.

- At the regular poll

- At an advance poll

- At any Elections Canada office

- By mail

- Through a home-visit

Click here for more details on the different ways to vote.


What the federal government can do for ME/CFS and FM

The House of Commons Finance committee asked for ideas for the 2016 federal budget.  Click here to see what the National ME/FM Action Network suggested.  


Handout for Candidates

The National ME/FM Action Network has prepared a document in English and French that you can give to candidates to make them aware of ME/FM issues, research in particular.  To view and print the handout, click here for the English version and here for the French. For a bilingual version print the English on one side and the French on the other.  You can keep the handout by your door in case they knock or send it to the candidate's office.


Statement by Political Parties

We invited the five main political parties to make a statement on ME/CFS and FM.  To be fair, we used the same process for all the parties.  We called each office to confirm an email address.  On August 13, we sent each party an emaill including our submission to the Finance Committee and inviting their comments by August 31.  On August 27, we sent a reminder email. We received one response in time for the newsletter deadline.

Bloc Quebecois:                               no reply by deadline

Conservative Party of Canada:         no reply by deadline

Green Party                                    To see the reply, click  here

Liberal Party of Canada                    no reply by deadline

New Democratic Party                      no reply by deadline

Subsequently, we received an email from Mike Sullivan of the NDP.  You can view it here

And subsequently we received a letter from the Liberal Party. It is available here in both  French and English


Email to Political Parties

Good afternoon

The National ME/FM Action Network is a non-partisan registered charity working on behalf of Canadians with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. These are illnesses that can be extremely debilitating and affect an estimated 750,000 Canadians.

We prepared a submission for the House of Commons Finance's Committee pre-budget consultations. Once the election was called, the committee staff could not accept our submission.

We would like you to be aware of our submission and have attached it to this email.

We are planning to post the submission on our website and to discuss it in our regular newsletter to be distributed in September.

Our website is

You can view previous newsletters here:

We would like to invite comments from all the political parties. In order to include your comments in our newsletter, we would need to receive them by August 31. We could make available up to a page in our newsletter for your comments. It is preferably but not necessary that the comments be bilingual.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by return email. If you would like a telephone conversation, let me know and I will call you.

Thanks so much.

Margaret Parlor

Quest Newsletter
National ME/FM Action Network


Reminder Email

Good afternoon

This is a friendly reminder that, if you would like us to include your comments in our September newsletter, we will need you submission by the end of the day Monday.

Thank you!


National ME/FM Action Network