February/March 1996 – No. 16

• Petitions to the House of Commons Final totals

• Disability Tax Credit Update from members

• National Disability Insurance Survey Update

• Additions to Board of Directors of the National ME/FM Action Network

• U.S. physician reports on possible alternative Fibromyalgia test

• U.K. Newcastle group looking at involvement of central nervous system in ME/CFS

• Ontario doctor advises on alternative treatment for Shingles

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario reports doctors get poor marks for courtesy

• Inter-group communications

• Legal precedent set in British Columbia bank employee

April/May 1996 – No. 17

• Report on Petitions to be presented by MP to House of Commons

• National Insurance Survey update

• Canada Pension Plan Disability to provide rehabilitation services to selected clients

• Eye Survey Update

• Doctor from University of Otago, NZ visit to Ottawa

• Supreme Court of Canada rules mental disability not valid reason to cut someone's work

• Inter-group communications

• Newsletters, books, videos, etc.

• Tips for dry mouth

June/July 1996 – No. 18

• Petitions to the House of Commons presented

• Director General of the Laboratories for Disease Control announces two separate national consensus meetings

• Update on support group numbers and members

• Province of Alberta announces amendment to allow non-tranditional medical practices

• National Insurance Survey date extended

• National ME/FM Action Network reports on further meetings with Revenue Canada on the Disability Tax Credit

• Ampligen announces strategic alliance with Hemispher BioPharma Inc.

• Researcher finds protein that shuts off immune system

• Insurance company admonished by Ottawa Judge

• Gulf War Illness Treatment of possible use to ME/CFS and FM people

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Inter-group communication

August/September 1996 – No. 19

• Results of annual meeting votes

• Government Response to House of Commons Petition

• Medical Examiner's response to criticisms from ME/CFS and FM public

• Women's College receives grant from Ontario Ministry of Health for environmental illness, ME/CFS and FM

• Addition to National Doctors and Lawyers Roster

• Disability Tax Credit reviewed

• National ME/FM Action Network responds to radio station's CFS comment

• Results of Rehabilitation Survey

• Update on support group numbers

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Meletonin removed from shelves in BC and Alberta by Federal Health Inspectors

• Pacific Biotech International, Inc. studying newly recognized bacterium as possible underlying cause of CFS.

October/November 1996 – No. 20

• National ME/FM Action Network receives letter from A/Director of the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control supporting U.S. 1994 CFS definition

• Speak-Peak at 1996 new Disability Tax Credit

• Petition to the House of Commons Follow-Up

• Newsletters, books, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

• Rerport on University of Otago blood cell analysis and Doctor tour

• Temple University announces novel enzyme found in ME/CFS and FM patients

• Personal

• National Lawyers Roster addition

• Financial Report for 1996