January/February 2002 – No. 51

• National ME/FM Action Network to host First International Symposium on Parallels between Post-Polio Sequelae and ME/CFS and FM

• British Government takes stand on ME/CFS

• Integrative Care with Botox for Fibromyalgia Headache and muscle pain relief

• How Insurance Firms Try to Scare Claimants

• Entitlement to a Defence to Psychiatric Medical Examinations

• How an Insurer got burned in a Home Fire

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

March/April 2002 – No. 52

• Report on Upcoming Conference on Parallels between Post-Polio Sequelae, ME/CFS and FM

• Council of Canadians with Disabilities requests House of Commons Sub-Committee on the Status of Persons with Disability to investigate the Disability Tax Credit

• Responses on MacLean's article on Sick and So Very Tired

• Report on TEACH-ME Sourcebook

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

May/June 2002 – No. 53

• Report on Post-Polio Symposium

• National ME/FM Action Network announces new medical advisors to team

• Fibromyalgia – A Syndrome of Disturbed Physiology

• Pension Appeals Board Denies Minister's Request for Independent Psychiatric Examination for CPP Claimant with Fibromyalgia

• Update on Independent Medical Examination and Action Needed

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Inter-group communications

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

July/August 2002 – No. 54

• Report from the President CEO

• The Late Effects of ME

• More Woes for Top Insurance Doc

• Independent Medical Examination Update

• Inter-group communications

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September/October 2002 – No. 55

• News Release – Canada Leads the World with a clinical definition for ME/CFS

• Assessing Functional Capacity of persons with ME/CFS

• Health-on-the-Line attempts to shed light on the Polio virus and ME/CFS and FM

• Unqualified Neuropsychologists writing IME reports

• Additions to Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

November/December 2002 – No. 56

• The Haworth Press announces special issue of the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the Canadian ME/CFS Definition

• What Makes for a good Assessment Centre

• Insurance Companies Promoting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

• The Problem with multi-disciplinary health services clinics and ME/CFS and FM

• Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons passes policy position on Third Party Reports

• Testing Protocol Announced by Calgary Doctor for ME/CFS, FM, MCS and Related Disorders

• Proposed Amendments to the Disability Tax Credit Form withdrawn by Federal Finance Department

• Inter-group communications