January/February 2004 – No. 63

• Medical Milestone – First Clinical Definition for Fibromyalgia

• U.K. Tymes Trust reviews ME/CFS clinical definition

• Letter from Dr. Byron Hyde on ME/CFS

• Health Assessment Centre's lawsuit tossed out

• Junk Science and unreliable experts – "The Daubert Principle"

• Information on PIPEDA

March/April 2004 Nos. 64 & 65

• Mourning the loss of Dr. Jeff Sherkey

• Brain Problems in ME/CFS – Is there a simple explanation

• Anatomical Investigation of the brain and its effect upon "Belief"

• The Student with ME/CFS in the Ontario School System

• National ME/FM Action Network granted Intervenor Status by Court of Appeal of Ontario

• Forensic and demonstrative evidence for insurance claims

• The Ikarian Reefer, the British Decision on expert guidelines

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• National ME/FM Action Network adds Legal Disability Manual to its resources

Fall 2004 – No. 66

• National ME/FM Action Network newsletter changes to quarterly issues

• What do doctors mean when they say psychosomatic

• Flu Vaccination and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Lawyer assists National ME/FM Action Network in fundraising for Intervenor Status

• Ontario Support Group takes on education of teachers in province about ME/CFS

• National ME/FM Action Network establishes National Liaison Committee

• Addition to National Lawyers' Roster

• How to hire a lawyer

• National ME/FM Action Network and The Goose Story

• Inter-group communications

Winter 2004 No. 67 

• Clinical and Biochemical characteristics differentiate ME/CFS from Major Depression and Health Controls

• Comparing the Canadian Clinical Definition and the Fukuda Criteria for CFS

• Physiological Mechanisms differentiates ME/CFS from Depression and Health Controls

• Gulf War Illness Update

• Intervenor Status Update

• Ontario establishes new system to replace Designated Assessment Centers

• Ontario Support Group announces Ontario gives ME/CFS Official Recognition

• Fan of National ME/FM Action Network speaks out on Network's behalf

• Addition to National Lawyers' Roster