Spring/Summer 2006 – No. 71

• New OHIP Billing Code for ME/CFS

• Redefinitions of ME/CFS

• Briefs on Calgary & Quebec Conferences

• Advances in ME/CFS

• Ottawa ME/CFS Support Group reports on May 12 Awareness Day

• DePaul University studying fatigue in children and adolescents

• Meeting Notes on Canadian Lyme Conference

• Environmental Health Clinic to remain at Women's College Hospital

• What's Up at FM-CFS Canada

• Overviews of the ME/CFS and FMS Consensus Documents

• Intervenor Status Update

• Conduct of Medical Assessors may be subject to Court scrutiny

Fall 2006 – No. 72

• National ME/FM Action Network to assist in FMS Research Study

• What does Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have in common?

• Post-Exertional Fatigue And Malaise – There is Hope

• Intervenor Status Update – Court Upholds Trial Judgment but reduces quantum of punitive damages

• Mediating Disability Claims

• Addition to National Lawyers' Roster

• National ME/FM Action Network has new website

• ME/CFS and FMS Overviews Update

Winter 2006 – No. 73

• Restorative Exercise Therapy

• New Pediatric Case Definition

• Statistics Canada publishes ME/CFS, FM and MCS Statistics

• Medical Assessors Can Be Biased and Unfair

• Advocacy – You Can Do This

• Network Notes