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Our quarterly newsletter QUEST has just been published and mailed to all those who subscribe. However, we now have added a new section to QUEST entitled THE JOURNEY which deals with treatment, concerns and support issues. In view of this, we are making this issue available to anyone who would like a copy.

QUEST highlights

Spring 2010 – No. 83

• Canadian Blood Services first to ban ME/CFS blood donations

• May 12 Awareness Day

• How One Person Can Make A Difference

• XMRV Study Planned at Hunter-Hopkins Center

• Japanese Red Cross Investigates XMRV and blood service

• Whittemore Peterson Institute and UK Study

• XMRV Gets Attention from Health Officials

• Ontario Special Diet Allowance To Be Reviewed

• How understanding is your doctor?

• Neuroendocrine Immune Center Awaits Passage

• Adverse Reaction of CFIDS Patients to Anesthesia

• Multi-Institutional Study Under Way for Biochemical Marker in CFS Blood

• Submission on the Use of Audiotapes during IME – Part I

Summer 2010 – No. 84

• XMRV Updates

• Can Detection of XMRV be linked to CFS

• American College of Rheumatology Proposes Alternate FM Definition

• Addition to Network's Medical Advisors

• Ottawa 2011 Conference Update

• Syndrome de fibromyalgia – Abrege du consensus canadien

French FMS Overview of Canadian Definition

• Reminder How Best To Disseminate Information to Doctors

• Addition to National Lawyers' Roster

• Submission on the Use of Auditopes during IMEs – Part 2

• What's new with Canada Pension Plan Disability Pensions

• Unheard Voices – My Story

• Resources

Fall 2010 – No. 85

• Understanding XMRV and MLVs

• President of the IACFS/ME Speaks Out on CDC XMRV

• Newest Member of Advisory Board & passionate CFS Advocate

• Energy Index Point Score® (EIPS®)

• New Diagnostic Criteria for Fibromyalgia

• Resting Brain Activity Associated with Spontaneous Fibromyalgia Pain

• Preparing for 2011 Research and Clinical Conference - Your Input Needed

• News Snippets

• Canadian Blood Services

• Submission on the Use of Audiotapes during Independent Examinations – End

• Principles Governing the Request of Defence Psychiatric Medical Examinations

• Unheard Voices: My Story Update

• Resources

Winter 2010 – No. 86

· Introducinng The Jouurney

· Ottawa 2011 IACFS Conference - Call for Papers

· Registratioon for the Conferencce

· XMRV - WWhere Do WWe Stand?

· Additions to Medical Advisors

· Fibromyalgia: Is It Real?

· Bond Symmposium

· Soya Kefiir - Implications for ME/CFS and FM - Update

· News Snipppets

· Conferencce 2011 Uppdate

· Newsletterrs/Confereence/Books/Reports

· The Journey

· Resourcess